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Spectra Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has rendered financial advice, fund raising support and business Consulting to many small medium and large businesses in India since 2002.

Enduring relationships with financial institutions and investors have enabled us to provide multi-spectrum financial options to our esteemed clients who have returned time and again for a variety of financial requirements and many a time just for trustworthy, dependable and expert advice.

Our associates and partners (many of whom are reputed business/corporate consultants, tax advisors, legal experts of national and international repute) have reposed their faith in our judgement, trusted us to do the best for their clients over the years.

Our consulting vertical has advised, managed, re-structured many businesses, weeded out waste and streamlined financial efficiency and helped run corporate finance functions for many customers.

Headquartered at Bangalore, we have offices at Chennai & Hyderabad.

As we grow organically and through mergers/acquisitions, our goal is clear. We help you " Make the most of money..."


Prasad CSV | Managing Director & CEO
Founder of the company and Board member, Prasad is a former senior banker and industry professional with overall 30 plus years of experience. Early in his career, Prasad was part of the pioneering team that introduced consumer credit cards in India while at Andhra Bank. Successful stints in SBI, Andhra Bank, ING Vysya Bank and several CFO level corporate positions give him the unique perspective from both sides of the table. Prasad specializes in International and Project Finance, Structured Finance and Corporate Banking, Term/Demand loans, Working Capital, LAP and Takeout financing. He also runs the Outsourced CFO practice.
Write to prasadcsv@spectrafin.com or call +91-98453 94824.

Jayaram Anantha | Director
Director, Jayaram is a PGDIM from IMI New Delhi, CAIIB and a former senior banker with diverse and rich experience in International and Project Finance, Structured Finance and Corporate Banking. He has held senior positions in Indian Overseas Bank, IndusInd Bank, Development Credit Bank and Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait. Jayaram is an Forex expert with many years of hands on experience in International Banking. He specializes in Project Finance, External Commercial Borrowings and commercial loans.
Write to a.jayaram@spectrafin.com.


Sudha Jayaram | Principal (Financial Advisory, Project Assessment & Communications Training)
Sudha is a MA, B.Sc. Chemistry, PGDM (IIM-K) with 22 years experience with Indian Overseas Bank. She is a Foreign Exchange expert and has handled large financing assignments involving structured products. She has been training bankers/Treasury/CFO levels in RBI policy/guidelines for the last five years. Sudha also teaches corporate communication to both Bankers (from RBI, SBI and PSBs) and the IT professionals (GE, Nokia, Accenture, Headstrong, Logica etc). Her specialization is Forex related financial transactions and Training / Consulting for Corporate Finance functions.

P K Das | Principal (Risk Advisory)
Mr. Das is a CAIIB and brings in 32 years of wide ranging experience encompassing Market Investment and Mutual funds Research, Wealth management, banking software development, strategic planning in foreign and domestic banks and International JVs. Till April 2005, he was Vice President, ING Vysya Bank and headed investment and third party products - insurance (both life and general), investment products, private wealth banking and capital markets operations. His specialization is in Risk Management and Project Financing Advisory.Mr. Das has been a Gold Medallist in Economics and a CAIIB. He has 32 years of wide ranging experience encompassing Banking Research, Market Investment and Mutual funds Research, Wealth management, Banking Software Development, Strategic Planning in Foreign and Domestic banks and International JVs. Till April 2005, he was Vice President, ING Vysya Bank and headed Investment and Third party Products - Insurance (both Life and General), Investment Products, Private Wealth Banking and Capital Markets operations. His specialization is in Risk Management and Project Financing Advisory.

Debt Funds

Institutional Debt

We advise and arrange the full spectrum of borrowings

Term loans

Project loans

Working Capital (including enhancements and refinance)

Commercial loans (secured by promoter security)

Promoter financing

Loans against shares (both listed and unlisted companies)

Top up and take out financing

External Commercial Borrowings

Commercial Paper

Unsecured loans

Hire purchases

Buyers credit

We have deep and established relationships through past employment or business dealings with the senior levels of almost all major national / regional banks and financial's institutions, overseas lenders, global finance companies and a few private lending groups.

We are sector agnostic (but subject to institutional rules) and encourage all serious small/medium enterprises to talk to us or our associates to explore financial options. This service is success fees based .

Write to prasadcsv@spectrafin.com for working capital, commercial projects India Rupee loans, unsecured loans etc.

Write to a.jayaram@spectrafin.com for foreign currency loans/ECB, buyers credit, large projects finances (green field/brown field) etc.


Equity | Quasi-equity

We advise and arrange venture capital and private equity deals with growing unlisted companies with good future potential and profit making track record. Ambitious promoters who want to expand their business to the next level are welcome to use our connections with variety of global and Indian investors excited about India's growth story and willing to be your risk partner for future success.

For growing SmallCap/MidCap listed companies, the gyrations of the global equity markets have been creating heart burn and unpredictability for some time now. To avoid dependence on the markets, we can arrange a range of PIPE investments which will bootstrap your business to the next stage of growth. Our investors are internationally experienced and offer not only money, but their global connections help to power your growth.

We have strong and lasting relationships with several sector focused and geography focused Private Equity / Venture Capital funds. We also arrange quasi-capital through RBI prescribed instruments from national NBFCs.

For exceptional companies where we see hidden value and breakout performance we can arrange VHNI equity investmenta quick, safe and fast route to additional equity capital.

This service is structured success fees based. Write to sgupta@spectrafin.com for more information.

Trade facilitation

Trade facilitation

Facilitation services include arranging faster settlements of your Accounts Receivables and helping you with Overseas Buyer Purchase order financing. The key idea being that in any open account (also called DA) commercial transaction, international and large domestic (including government) customers demand you collect on delivery at the end of the credit period in the contract.

Understandably, this puts enormous strain on your working capital. Even worse, you have good orders, but no money to execute them. The banker wants more collateral security to give you a higher limit of Working Capital, which you do not have. What else can you do instead of going to a local private financier?

You are a creative thinker and technology whiz. Your clients in US/Europe are in awe of your design or programming work, but you do not qualify for a working capital loan from a bank for your business - to keep paying your staff and the rent and the Internet bills unless you have collateral security.

To address these difficult situations, we arrange standard facilitation products to reduce your working capital stress :

Export order financing : We will arrange advance cash against your purchase order/contract with your foreign buyer never mind if you are exporting goods or services or designs or whatever. All we need is a good buyer creditrating .

Export Receivables factoring (non recourse): Cash in your DA outstanding invoices from your foreign customer, take a standing credit limit and keep collecting payment immediately upon export. We can arrange all this quickly.

Importers/Buyers credit : For any company which imports raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods, we arrange up to 361 days of credit through our International bankers at extremely competitive LIBOR linked rates.

You will be surprised how much we can help you reduce your cash rotation cycles in these times of tight liquidity. Depending on the case, this service could be one time or recurring fees based. Write to sgupta@spectrafin.com for more information


Our method is time bound and transparent. We (or our associates) will ask you to follow the basic steps as below:

Step 1: Information Memorandum / Teaser (IM/T) – a short (maximum 3 page) note on your company background, Promoters’ introduction, Financial highlights so far, Key ratios, Ffinancial projections, requirement and purpose of finance. Click here to download the format

Step 2: We check and advise you if the IM/T is doable with reference to your company’s standing, industry situation and the kind of finance you need. If doable, we provide you our draft mandate.

Step 3: Sign mandate and return to us.

Step 4: Detailed document list is provided by us.
Click to Download List of Documents required

Step 5: Document submission and scrutiny by our analyst team and risk team. Preparation of note for the institution(s) / investor(s) / lender(s) we feel will best match the need.

Step 6: Follow through and personal discussion (if required). Get Term Sheet.

Step 7: In-principle confirmation of acceptance of Term Sheet and Sanction Letter / Investment Agreement.

Time taken from Step 1 to 6 is 4-6 weeks provided we get documentation quickly and on demand. Sanction letter or investment agreement is dependent on financier processes and we do not control it.


1. No name IM/T is fine, however we need a clear contact detail – name, phone number, email address to communicate.

2. We usually do not work on second hand assignments or pass through mandates unless through a registered associate.

3. Our associates play the role of introducer and facilitator for which we have our internal commercial arrangements.

4. We cannot handle any assignment without direct discussion with the promoters/CFO/CEO.

5. We discourage you from handing out finance requirement to too many people. This causes discomfort with financiers.

Geographical coverage

* Mandates for syndication of Rs. INR 20 cr & above - Retainer based assignments: All India
* Mandates for syndication of < Rs. 20.00 cr. - All major cities in South India
* Mergers/Acquisitions : Anywhere in India

However to undertake mandates in places where we do not have offices, the client has to take care of travel and stay of the coordinators from our office.

Click here for more information.

Our Success Stories

Arranged INR 500 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 500 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 42.50 Million as Debt Consolidation
Arranged INR 82.50 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 300 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 50 Million as a Term Loan
Arranged INR 50 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 250 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 1400 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 40 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 20 Million as a Unsecured Loan
Arranged INR 250 Million Working Capital Loan
Arranged INR 125 Million as Working Capital Investment
Arranged INR 15 Million as a Unsecured Loan
Arranged INR 52 Million as a Term Loan
Arranged INR 45 Million as a Term Loan
Arranged INR 17 Million as Working Capital
Arranged INR 60 Million as a Long Term Loan
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