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The company is the legal successor of a well known, established firm - Spectra Financial Consultancy - promoted as a proprietary concern 7 years ago by the principal promoter of the group. In our new avatar and boosted by new investments by our partners, we are forging ahead in retail loans segment for individual customers with new vision and determination.

Our long association with many Housing Finance companies, Mortgage Finance companies and Banks has given us the track record of helping our customers avail over INR 2.5 billion in retail property/mortgage loans. Many of our customers trust us for arranging loans for repeat buying of property for investment purposes and we are proud to have won their faith and served them so long.

Our team of loan associates and business executives are available and at your service to help you the best possible deal from lenders for your dream home, office or any other property. Years of operating in this field have given us valuable insight into appraising true value of properties, relationships with many leading builders and our advisory services help you to get the best deal from the market.

We specialize in various kinds of mortgages (residential, commercial and industrial properties), Lease Rent Discounting and structured buyouts or investments in large property deals also. We have relationships with several Realty Investment Funds and help promoters/builders raise funds for strategically important and financially viable large scale projects.

Our team is ready to serve you 24X7 through email, instant message, mobile and telephone.

Prasad CSV
Founder of the company and Board member, Prasad is a former senior banker and industry professional with overall 30 plus years of experience. Early in his career, Prasad was part of the pioneering team that introduced consumer credit cards in India while at Andhra Bank. Successful stints in SBI, Andhra Bank, ING Vysya Bank and several CFO level corporate positions give him the unique perspective from both sides of the table. Prasad specializes in International and Project Finance, Structured Finance and Corporate Banking, Term/Demand loans, Working Capital, LAP and Takeout financing. He also runs the Outsourced CFO practice.
Write to prasadcsv@spectrafin.com or call +91-98453 94824.

Contact info@spectrafin.com

What we do for Borrowers

Home loans: Any loan is very expensive these days. Retail home buyers need expert counseling to understand the impact of floating/variable rates, tenure of loan and costs of loan management. You can improve your customer experience by using our ZERO COST advice and service to your customer for whom we can arrange the best loan terms. We arrange home loans for individual and group buyers, societies and companies with the best possible terms through our Direct Sales Associate arrangement with many banks and financial institutions.
Our services are available at Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad.

Our relationships with reputed, trustworthy builders/developers also helps prospective buyers locate properties which are of good build quality and assures value appreciation in line with the market.
Write to info@spectrafin.com

Mortgage loans : We arrange mortgage loans for individuals and companies for existing properties for self or business finance purposes. Any residential/commercial/industrial/IT park property is acceptable and we have multiple financiers ready and willing to finance such requirements.
Write to prasadcsv@spectrafin.com or call +91-98453 94824.

Lease Rent Discounting : For landlords with rent generating properties (both residential and commercial) our lenders/financiers are ready to extend loans against the rent income. This can help meet any emergency need or finance further property purchases.
Write to prasadcsv@spectrafin.com or call +91-98453 94824.

For the home buyer :Once the property is identified, the customer can approach us through phone or e-mail.

We will guide the customer to download the list of documents required from the website or mail the list of documents required for the loan to the borrower.

Once the customer is ready with the documents, he/she can call us and our Customer Representative will collect the file from their residence / office, at the time of customer’s choice. Our Customer Representative will discuss with the customer the nuances of the Home Loan products of various lenders. Based on the documentation of the customer, we can suggest the most appropriate lender to the customer. Once the client chooses the lender, the appropriate loan application form will be obtained from the customer.

After a thorough study of the file and ensuring that all the required documents are available, the file will be submitted to the relevant bank chosen by the customer.

Thereafter, our customer representative will co-ordinate between the customer and the bank for Personal Discussion, property visit, obtaining the Sanction Letter, getting customer acceptance of the sanction letter and final disbursement. In case of under construction properties, we will follow up till the last disbursement.

These services to the home buyers are free of cost from our side.

We are presently active in home loans at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

For the mortgage borrower : We undertake mandates for raising mortgage loans for a variety of borrowers individuals, self-employed, corporations, societies and trusts. Our relationships with multiple lenders all over the country facilitate such deals. Mortgage terms are subject to institutional rules.

For the landlord :We undertake mandates to securitize the rental receivables and raise loans at the best possible terms. Individuals, Companies, Self-employed Professionals, Salaried people all are eligible to avail this loan product. Here again, we help the customer to get maximum benefit be it Maximum Loan / Lowest Interest / Maximum Loan to Rent Receivable / Maximum Tenor etc.

Write to info@spectrafin.com for more information and appointment.

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